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News for 2019


2019 marks a new quest for the Kawasaki brand to own the 450cc motocross class. 
By the looks of it, the new big bore green machine looks like a strong contender.

At Yoshimura, we saw an opportunity to make the new green offering live up to its potential. 
Power and torque is up across the entire range for both curves with the new KX! 
Max HP is up an incredible 3% and max torque is up 4.3%. 
The heart of the power is our RS-4 muffler with its Polyresonant Duplex front chamber and 
added overall volume helps make the 2019 KX450 come alive.



Brand new from KTM and Husqvarna for 2019 are re-vamped 250 SX-F / FC250 and SX-F 350 / FC350.

Both the 250 and 350 make good HP and torque in stock form, 
but nevertheless we went to work to improve power in every RPM range on these twin race machines and 
the gains we were able to attain with our RS-4 are quite impressive.

We wound up with the 250 peak HP at 6.6% and a big gain of peak torque of 14.2%. 
The 350 was even more impressive with a peak HP gain of 10.2% and peak torque gain of 7%. 
The work horse for much of this performance is our RS-4 muffler. 
With its Polyresonant Duplex front chamber to add overall volume, 
and the special stepped two-stage baffle configuration that reduces sound without restricting performance. 
These Austrian 250 and 350 race machines are ready for the top of the podium now! 


Who is Yoshimura?

Yoshimura is the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems. 
They have both companies in USA and Japan!
 The Yoshimura motto is simple and has not changed since the company's inception in 1954 : 
Make the best parts possible, and never compromise!

Why should you choose Yoshimura?
*TOP Performance
*SUPER price for SUPER quality
*fits like a dream

What parts can Technical Touch offer you?
All exhaust MX
All exhausts Race, both non-approved and CE approved models
All Quad and UTV models
Spare parts for mx and Race, including camshafts, tuning parts, no electronics!

All products are available from stock or can be ordered through Technical Touch BVBA.
 You can find the correct references on: Yoshimura USA or Yoshimura Japan.


Yoshimura released some history articles! 
And they will keep on translating their original articles from the foundation until present day.
Read them via the links below: