Special message to all KYB-pilots!

For our KYB riders we provide exclusive service at the GP tracks.

You aren’t fully satisfied about the setting of your front fork?
You want a professional second opinion and customized advice?
Then ask our Technical Touch expert engineer!

Correct setting
Eliminating every doubt
Testing your suspension


When in need, we provide

Not only do we provide support on the GP track for KYB, we also have a support division in Lommel.

We are always available by phone if you need help with the right adjustments or materials for your bike.
We have our own workshop where everything can be adjusted on your specific needs.
From time to time, one of our technicians will show up at different training tracks on weekdays, 
to help you with making the right adjustments for your KYB product.

From now on you can reach out to us for all kind of services on our new 
email address:

[email protected]

For questions regarding material or settings of your material