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Technical Touch is an international distributor of motorcycle-parts, located in Belgium and the USA. Our company has two departments. First of all we have a very experienced team that support all the KYB riders in the Worldchampionship MX1, MX2 and the European championship. On the other hand we supply the worldwide market with KYB spare parts and oils. Last but not least, we supply the European market with KYB OEM Suspensions, high quality Hinson Clutch parts and ODI Grips & Handlebars as well as the Belgian market with Yoshimura exhausts and X-Trig triple clamps.

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€ 32,07
€ 32,07
seal head insert 18mm
Art nr. 000.0409 Op voorraad
€ 32,19
Socket top cap FF PSF2
Art nr. 000.0416 Op voorraad
€ 32,07
adapter pressure gauge
Art nr. 000.0421 Op voorraad
€ 32,07
Piston rod rebound FF kit KX85
Art nr. 000.0439 Geen voorraad
€ 121,97 Niet beschikbaar
push rod ff rebound KX85 2014 kit
Art nr. 000.0442 Op voorraad
€ 6,24
spacer for ff spring 36mm 3mm
Art nr. 000.0459 Op voorraad
€ 8,95
top cap wrench 49mm blue
Art nr. 000.0462 Op voorraad
€ 48,40
innertube clamp 43mm
Art nr. 000.0463 Op voorraad
€ 81,08
Socket cylinder head 25mm
Art nr. 000.0490 Op voorraad
€ 32,07
bearing body rcu KTM KIT COLLAR 16-
Art nr. 000.0516 Op voorraad
€ 13,31
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