KYB Factory Support

Since 1991 Technical Touch provides the official KYB factory-assistance to all factory teams during World championship races.


Our technicians travel all around the world to set-up, adjust and maintain the official KYB factory suspensions.


With the teams we battle side by side aiming the next WORLD TITLE.


Racing Support 2016

  • Team Suzuki Factory .
  • Team Yamaha Factory – Rinaldi
  • Team Yamaha Standing Construct
  • Team Yamaha Kemea
  • Team Honda 24MX
  • Team Honda Assomotor
  • And many others....

Riders who relied on us in the past:

  • Romain Febvre
  • Tim Gajser
  • Jeremy Van Horebeek
  • Clement Desalle
  • Benoit Paturel
  • Brent Van Doninck
  • Vallentin Guillod
  • Julien Lieber 
  • Stefan Everts
  • Michael Pichon
  • Joël Smets
  • Joshua Coppins
  • David Philippaerts
  • Steve Ramon
  • Ken De Dycker
  • Tanel Leok
  • Kevin Strijbos
  • Yves Demaria
  • Sebastien Tortelli
  • Mike Brown
  • and many others...

KYB at Circuit

Special message to all KYB-pilots!

You aren’t fully satisfied about the setting of your front fork?
You want a professional second opinion and customized advice?
Then ask our Technical Touch expert engineer. If needed he will set your suspension for free!

Every Wednesday we come to a circuit in your neighborhood.

  • Correct setting
  • Eliminating every doubt
  • Testing your suspension (appointment)
  • Free service

You will find us at the following locations and dates: